The history of our lands has intrigued us for as long as we can remember. It was this fascination that prompted us to make the first knife in 1985, from where we have pursued this passion know we are working on many different projects named after Almazan like Almazan Meats, Almazan Knives, Almazan Recipes Almazan group is located in Almazan Spain and our headquarter is in Tennessee, USA

Kitchen by Almazan:

Kitchen by Almazan; We don’t believe in taboos created by the trends of our planet. We look for the food we’ve been eating as a breed long enough so it created us and our taste at the genetic level with the passage of time. This is why, we turn back to the main ingredients that have been ignored, such as fire, different natural spices of different cultures, ancient methods of food preparation, whereas the atmosphere and most of all, passion is necessary.

We share with you our passion for simple but mouthwatering recipes, using organic and homemade ingredients with a note of Serbian traditional cuisine! We cook on fire and coal, mixing different cooking methods and styles and best thing about our recipes is that all our recipes can be easily prepared at your home.


Almazan Meats:

Almazan meat is one of our websites which is fully based on the different recipes of cooking meat around the globe.Everything you need to know about the meat recipes you will get it here from roasted chicken to fried steak you can get all about meat recipes on Almazan meats and we are continuously updating this site to add more and ways to cook meat.


Few recipes of Kitchen by Almazan


It takes just a few minutes to prepare the Stewed steak

cross rib stew


smoke-cured meat stuff, particularly a smoke-cured bacon



The trick to good meatloaf is using ground beef.

Meatloaf by Almazan meats

Almazan Recipes:

Almazan recipes is also a recipe site but it includes recipes about every type of meal sweet, salty, spicy, meat, veggie you will get here. Here we share different ways of cooking meals used all around the world. The tacos from hell to the cake alaska is here with step by step method and we are continuously updating this site to add more and ways to cook.


Almazan Knives:

Almazan knives are made by a small team of master-smiths in our workshop located in Almazan, Spain. We setup our workshop with the same equipment of 18th-century black smiths but with latest technology. Since that time, our interest in history and our desire to make knives have continued to grow.

We have been making Almazan knives full time since 1988. Our inspiration comes from the history and traditions of early European and American Frontiersmen  – a time when the equipment a person carried meant sustenance and survival. We strive to maintain historical and recognizable styles. Our goal is to make knives of uncompromising quality that will last a lifetime and survive as heirlooms for future generations. Through our work, we hope to preserve the heritage and history of our forests.